Within Aberdeen, we also manage the Activity Agreements program, which links young people (16-19 years old) to activities of interest to them and expands their interactions with local services. For more details on activity agreements, please see www.aberdeenguarantees.com/training/activity-agreements The activities available are designed to help a young person move to the next stage of their post-school teaching goal. The emphasis is on developing the skills needed to obtain employment or training, provided by various partners in the city. Each activity agreement is based on the young person and his needs. In 2014, we introduced Aberdeen Guarantees as a partnership approach to promoting local training and employment opportunities and initiatives for 14-25 year olds. Aberdeen Guarantees promotes local opportunities through online communication via our website (www.aberdeenguarantees.com) On social media (www.facebook.com/aberdeenguarantees, www.twitter.com/abguarantees) and through a weekly newsletter addressed to educational staff, socio-educational animation staff and partner organisations across the city. For more information on activity agreements, please contact the team on 01224 764787 or visit the activity agreements Facebook page or the Twitter account of the activity agreements. . . . Grampian Opportunities: Working-age adults aged 18 and over with disabilities, mental health and long-term illnesses Aberdeen City Council is one of Scotland`s 32 local districts and the 37th most populous built territory in the UK, with an official population estimate of over 228,000.

Around 17,000 people in Aberdeen City are aged 16-25 via Erasmus – we would appreciate the opportunity to participate in professional discussions to learn and share best practices across the EU in promoting training and employment opportunities for young people and to develop approaches that are traditionally difficult to use for hiring young people. More information can be found from each provider at the contact email address in the table below. Once you`ve defined the level that best describes your requirements, you`ll find support information in the table below.