You will find Telstra`s AWS terms and conditions in (which are not part of our terms and conditions) Important information about energy supply agreements related to your colocation service. PDF (83KB) Word (101KB) Our client terms, formerly known as the «standard contract type,» contain the terms and conditions under which we offer products and services for private and family customers (residential, commercial and government) and The Bulktra Wholesale Trade. Installation, maintenance, consulting and after-sales activities that are not covered by a standard fee or standard contract for which additional fees are charged. A copy of this manual may be complied with by All Telstra Internet Solutions and Telstra Wholesale Internet Customers («Customers»), including customers who are downstream suppliers, must comply with this usage policy as part of their agreement with Telstra for Internet access services (whether under our terms and conditions, customer relations agreement or wholesale agreement) («customer agreement»). Our customer conditions indicate our standard customer conditions. To understand your rights and obligations, you need to read both the terms and conditions of sale and the section relating to your service or solution. In accordance with telecommunications legislation, you and we must meet these conditions, unless we have agreed otherwise. This document contains the terms such astra Wholesale Services and can be accessed either in PDF format (PDF, 521 KB) or Word (DOC, 339 KB). For terms and conditions related to Google play`s billing information, click here.

This information refers to the guarantees covered by our client conditions. These guarantees complement your rights under Australian consumer law. For more information, see Important Guarantee Information (PDF, 64 KB). Supply and modifications, performance, service class, service security and special meanings. For more information and support on antivirus protection, see Our customer conditions indicate our standard customer conditions. Under the telecommunications laws, you and we are bound by those conditions, unless we have agreed otherwise. To understand your rights and obligations, you need to read the terms and conditions and sections relating to your services or solutions that we receive from you. . (c) to draw a customer`s attention to the discontinuation of his activities or behaviour or to take steps to remedy the violation of this customer`s user directive; This usage policy applies to the full use of telstra Internet Solutions and Telstra Wholesale Internet Network. For each service, you are a corporate customer if you are a company that has purchased your service primarily for commercial purposes and who has had the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your contract with us or if you have an annual expenditure of more than 20,000 USD with us. .

Telstra will attempt to notify a customer before Telstra terminates or suspends customer services if reasonably possible. However, the customer`s non-defect has no influence on such termination or suspension. . Here are the terms and conditions of Telstra Home Phone plans (for businesses). Customers who have registered for a Telstra Internet Direct service on March 1, 2018 or as of March 1, 2018 participate in conduct or activities that Telstra believes are damaging or likely to damage Telstra`s reputation or brand; or enter a phone number and we`ll send them a link to that page. To make it easier, we offer you more opportunities to let you know about changes in our customer conditions. As of September 15, 2017, we can notify you of changes made by SMS/MMS, my Telstra app or our other mobile apps, Telstra 24×7 My Account or Your Telstra Tools, email or phone.