Neighbors should not be able to prevent you from building. Once you have obtained the required building and planning permit, you should be free to continue. If you use the protection of the Party Wall Act 1996, your neighbor has no right to arrest you. Even if you need access to their property to build. The law allows you to do your job at a reasonable pace. A reference to the party wall and the price that follows clearly show what you have to do about your property and your neighbour`s property. If your neighbor is frustrated with the process of your construction, there may be financial consequences for them. The courts favour those who act within the law. One way or another, this may mean that surveyors will be involved retroactively as soon as all or certain work has been done. If «hearing» work is still to be carried out, communication may (and should) be communicated on this aspect of the work.

To formally notify your neighbours, you must write to your affected neighbours, including your contact information, full details of the work planned, the start of the work and any requirements for access to their property (perhaps to obtain equipment or equipment on site). For adjacent rental properties, you must keep the owners of the building as well as the tenants who live there. The Party Wall Act of 1996 applies to homes in England and Wales and was designed to prevent construction work that could adversely affect the structural integrity of any common wall (party wall) or adjacent land. The Party Wall Act can be used to end disputes between neighbours and help them resolve them if they occur. It can be very easy to identify a common party structure, for example. B a wall between two terraces, but it can be difficult to identify common borders. That`s why we always recommend that you have an architect on board who will be able to detect these problems in advance and advise you on when to act. If you need more information about the need to use party wall notes, please contact us. We won`t bite, the first requests are always free and we don`t take you on a ride! Neighbours can claim compensation if they can prove that they have suffered a loss because of work, and this may even require the removal of the work. The same applies if you have a party contract with your neighbours, but you do not respect the agreed terms.

Before you send the notification, talk to your neighbours about your plans and make sure they understand what you plan to do. Surveyors also manage the price of the party and determine the time and manner in which the work should be carried out. Like: work schedules, access and security to reduce the risk of property damage.