Agreement (n) of the 1530s, from the approval of the Middle Franconia, the action of approving (see consen The Act of Agreement; – an agreement on several of its meanings. Nobiss is rare. The act or state of consent; Agreement. (obsolete) A state in which two parties share an opinion or opinion; Agreement. I confess that I am a little anal-retentive in terms of grammar. I often doubly minding words or punctuation that I doubt. I never questioned the word «agreement» or I had no reason to question it until my iPhone insisted it wasn`t a word. As tenacious as it sounds, my first thought was «What? You`re late… Then I searched on Google. I am moving forward with the interpretation that the agreement is to agree on what the truth is: we feel like we agree, so let us pretend we are doing it. «If we agree, we should sign the agreement.» And are you going to launch a grammar guerrilla war on people who use «masterfully» when they mean «masterfully»? If I.m., if I.

B could force you to do it, I`d be masterful, but if I`m going to convince you, I really have to be masterful. Okay, it`s all true, but not necessarily helpful. As mentioned above, «agreement» is considered obsolete in most dialects. If this is true for your dialect, you should think about how people (especially the prescription and or maybe you are that kind of person who likes to revive archaic words and/or uses. Personally, I appreciate this stuff, it`s fun and creative. Approval status Harmony of opinion, statement, action or character; Consent Concord; Compliance how, there is a good agreement between the members of the Council. To be safe, I will continue to use the «agreement.» Its rise is, I suppose, a symptom of declining literacy. The Americans are nothing but ingenious.

People know the verb to consent, and they know how to make abstract nouns with the use of -ance, and therefore people, especially in the spoken media, turn to consent as a substitute, in the absence of the standard appointment agreement. I first heard it at my favorite Omaha sports station, 1620 The Zone/KOZN (discussion of the sad state of Nebraska football). One of the hosts often uses this word. It prefers neologisms, so its use is not a surprise, but then I began to notice its use elsewhere. It makes me think its use is going to spread. Finally, and by far the most important aspect, this Fred Durst Shower-Bag made headlines a few years ago for its use of the «agreement». All the underworld is losing out with all kinds of publications and people who make fun of his use of the term in a very snooty and condescending dickish way. Of course, it is very likely that he was not aware of his historicity and that he wanted to use an «arrangement», and it was just a slip-up.